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Oct. 6, 2016
After murder-suicide involving a U-Md. student and his father occurred in College Park, Diamondback reporters gathered student reaction from every side of the story. I was tasked with presenting as much of it as I could in a cohesive front page that would feature no other stories.

I excised the usual top-of-page refers out of respect and in favor of running a larger photo of the candlelight vigil. The portraits of the deceased were placed to fall just below the fold. Underneath one large headline, the articles present four angles of the story on an equal, chronological footing with a fifth, more circumspect look below.

For this page, I chose photos, created a lay out and wrote initial versions of the headline and decks (which suvived with minimal editing in the final product shown here).

Aug. 28, 2017
This centerspread represents the print version of The Diamondback's "A Year In Review" project, which collected the most important stories from the past year into a narrative that informs which conversations will be on this year's lips.

After being an important part of the project's initial planning stages, I was tasked with the print version. The online component functions like a calendar, but the print component, I decided, would use a bulletin board as its lens. I collected clippings and printed out 4x6s of our photographs, then physically made the bulletin board and directed a photo shoot. I then laid out the page using the photographs and copy from the web version to finish the page.

To see the image and labels up close, check out a high-resolution image here.
Feb. 23, 2017
The stories on this front are not standouts of the year, though they are all remarkably newsy. Instead, I think it represents a triumph of design used to make a page inviting. Based on a classic "goalpost" style, the page relies on a simple illustration of a "Make America Great Again" hat to draw readers in to the story about Trump supporters on campus. It also uses an instantly-recognizable Yayoi Kusama pumpkin in the refer, further welcoming readers to the page.

For this page, I executed the illustration based on a free-use photo of a person wearing a Trump hat and a free-use watercolor image (that was originally in rainbow colors) found online. I converted it into black and white, then selected the color range of black and colorized into blue. I also edited the hat to brighten the color and enhance the painting theme. I laid out the rest of the page and wrote initial headlines, some of which survived to the final product.

March 3, 2017
During my semester with Capital News Service, I produced several Facebook-optimized videos in addition to data visualizations. For this video, by far my most complex, I used Adobe After Effects to manipulate text in an inviting and engaging style I had created from scratch at the begining of the year.

Inspired by the look of the CNS website, it featured a unity of Helvetica font, yellow highlighting that mimicked hovered links on the site and snappy transitions.

For this video specifically, I pitched the story, found a Maryland connection through a Baltimore-based scientist, developed a narrative of "three unique features," wrote and edited the copy, sought out public domain video and imagery from NASA, manipulated that content in AfterEffects and published the completed video to the web.

March 2, 2017
Capital News Service is a student-staffed news wire at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism. For my capstone experience, I worked in CNS Studio C, which produces data journalism for the web on Maryland-topics.

During spring semester, I used SVG-based CSS and some JavaScript to develop a new Highcharts template for all CNS graphics. (The previous template can be seen here.) I worked with CNS faculty and student staffers to create a functional, beautiful and easy-to-adapt template.

I also built several graphics, including this one, which comapred U.S. News and World Report's "Best States" rankings to state legislature party control and median household income. It involved using web sources to find legislature and income data, compiling that data in Excel, building the chart in JavaScript for HighCharts, writing a story that explained the data presented and preparing that story for publication. Full story here.
This website was built from scratch using HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. The modals on this page are based on a template from W3Schools.
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